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2020 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

6th December 2019

Your 2020 wedding plans might already be in full swing by now but here are a few tips and tricks as to what the trends for the next year of weddings will be. Some you might love, some might be slightly questionable but every Bride will find something they might want to incorporate in their special day next year.


Long gone are the endless queues at the wedding bar and there is no longer a classic bottle of red on the table for your meal, your guests can now serve themselves! Set up your own cocktail bar, fixed counter or just buckets of beer and the self-serve element feels so much more relaxed and celebratory altogether. Let your guests choose what they want, when they want it, how they want it and then where they want to drink it too! We recommend having something personal to you and your other half like your favourite fruit to add in the cocktails or a personalised stirrer, so that guests truly remember your special day. Please remember to encourage drink responsible at all times.


The crystals are making a comeback towards the end of the decade and more and more couples are cleansing their venues and their wedding parties before they say ‘I Do’. Think removing bad energy and bringing in good energy, if you’re into that, and you can walk down the aisle feeling refreshed ready for your new chapter. Some brides are even choosing to have their engagement rings and new weddings ring made from healing crystals to bring them a lifetime of happiness or just carrying out the same crystal cleansing before you wear them for the rest of your life. If this trend isn't for you, you have to admit the colours and designs of the crystals are still stunning and fit in perfectly at any wedding.



Or as green as you can, at least! Eco-friendly weddings are fast becoming a hit with brides and grooms all over the world and 2020 will see a spike of these greener eco-weddings. Try to swap some items like paper confetti, paper straws, gift bags and even your food choices for environmentally friendly alternatives so you can have a guilt-free wedding and help the environment at the same time. Something that has been around a while in the wedding industry is coming back to 2020 with a new lease of life and a new purpose, bubbles. Couples are opting to leave their ceremony to a load of bubbles blown by their guests rather than traditional confetti thrown in the air. This is better for the environment and also something quite new which creates quirky and different images to treasure forever.

Image Credit Left To Right: Shropshire Petals, Pinterest, Wedding Bee


The Insider recently reported that flowers are going to be the main focal point of weddings in 2020, maybe not even the bride. Weddings are now seeing the traditional flower bouquet transform into whole flower walls, flowers in their food choices and even flowers in the drinks. Whether you choose real flowers or some fake foliage, creating a stunning shape or texture with your own colour scheme could make your wedding one to remember for sure. We are hoping to see Brides with flowers in their hair, grooms with flower print ties and even hanging flower centrepieces turned upside down to create a gorgeous optical illusion.

Image Credit Left To Right: Good Housekeeping, Ruffled Blog, Concept Flowers


It was Harpers Bazaar that introduced the modern 2020 bride as a ‘badass bride’ in their recent wedding dress trends for 2020 blog. The new theme of bridal gowns will showcase the modern bride as edgy, alternative and not afraid to break from the norm of traditions. We are so used to seeing princess gowns, flowing veils and white but now we will be seeing shorter cuts, sheer panels, leg slits and more with the added element of romance to create your very own Alexander Wang inspired look. Rumour has it, the traditional bridal gown has had its day and more modern styles such as women's wedding suits are a firm favourite for future brides. What do you think? Will you be sticking to a long white gown or opting for something a bit more on the 'badass' side? 

 Image Credit Left To Right: Vogue & Brides.com


The rise of the popular TV series Peaky Blinders will see 2020 groomsmen wish they were part of the gang. Whether it be a traditional tweed suit jacket or a classic flat cap, groomsmen are taking on the trend full force for next year. They no longer have to wear their three-piece set or stick to a classic black suit because even the guests will be getting involved with tight fitted suits, patterned jackets and penny collar shirts. If you don't want to look a TV extra, you can add subtle hints of the trend that matches your own personal style. Your wedding day is your day after all, so do what you feel comfortable with!

Image Credit Left To Right: EnglishWedding.com & Brides Up North

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