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The Lake District

2022, Your Year of Wanderlust | Explore More With Our Luxury Adventure Guide

22nd January 2022

With the New Year now in full swing and your winter festivities wrapped up, it’s time to look to the year ahead. In 2022, we want to focus on the benefits of travel and inspire more adventures - explore more, stay longer and make special memories that will last a lifetime.

Across the planet we are making huge changes to our travel habits, not only to take better care of our environment, but also to work around the ever-changing situation posed by the pandemic. After restrictions, lockdowns, cancelled plans and the challenges we’ve all faced, at The Daffodil we believe there’s simply no better time to focus on you! It’s time for new experiences and boosting your wellbeing in the year ahead.

As such, we’ve chosen our top 6 tips to make 2022 your year of wanderlust! Take a look at our ideas on how to make the most of your travel plans - gain more from your adventures, share special moments together and discover new things, all whilst doing your bit for the planet and your wellbeing. Read on for a dose of adventure inspiration...


It’s often our connection to the people around us and places we explore that truly enhance our travel experiences. Choosing your favourite destination is important of course, but it’s those that share the adventure with us that make it a truly memorable trip! With this in mind, when planning your staycations, adventures and holidays this year, take time to carefully consider who you’d like to travel with… Perhaps your partner? Your best friend, a group of friends or your sibling. Maybe you want to try solo travel and make connections with new people you meet?

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to share your tip with, consider how the logistics for your trip will work… Can you opt for an eco-friendlier approach? If it’s a staycation here in the UK, could you take the train or car share? Reduce the fossil fuels you burn, enjoy more time together and soak up the view from your window seat! Perhaps you’re planning a road trip or vehicle hire during your stay? Here in the Lakes, there are a wealth of hybrid and electric options available with charge points across the National Park. Packing all those travel essentials? Perhaps you could switch to recycled, reusable, biodegradable equipment on your travels? Eco travel cups, like these bamboo fibre cups from Bambusa are a winner for those morning coffees and road trip pick-me-ups.

Looking for more green travel tips? We love this eco resolutions travel guide from CN Traveller.

Image Credit Left to Right: Helena Lopes | Matthew Sleeper | Jake Colling



Creating Bucket Lists can be great fun, but sometimes we can set goals and ideas that may be years ahead or simply just out of reach here and now. A great tip when planning your 2022 adventures is to create yourself a ‘mini wanderlust Bucket List’. Include some new, amazing things you want to do, see, explore, or try for the first time during your trip. Maybe it’s about adding a touch of luxury to your trip, such as indulging in a tempting new dish or dining at a stylish restaurant? It could be focussed on your personal goals and wellbeing, like ticking off a few more Wainwright peaks during your stay or your first Spa therapy experience. Or maybe it’s about sampling the local culture? You could plan to try something totally new, like a local craft or trade, such as glass blowing or jewellery making? It could be something simple, yet unforgettable – how about taking a dip in one of the secluded tarns or pools hidden amongst the fells?

Whatever you decide, it’s important to keep in mind what’s feasible during your trip, what matters to you and consider what type of experiences will truly boost that feeling of wanderlust! We advise selecting a few ideas specific to you, planning/researching beforehand, and booking early, so no matter how big or small, you can achieve your travel goals and dreams!

Image Credit Left to Right: Unsplash | @jord_adventures | The Daffodil Hotel


A luxurious adventure doesn’t need to cost the Earth! You can add a dose of luxury to any trip, whether you’re staying in one of our stylish Rooms or Suites, or wild camping under the stars! It’s all in the planning and packing… When it comes to eco-friendly travel essentials, there are endless, stylish options to choose from. From flasks to travel journals, ethical body and beauty products, to recycled outdoor accessories, zero waste snacks and treats or a locally sourced bottle of your favourite tipple. We’ve highlighted our top 6 independents and shops for eco and luxury must-haves when packing up for your next adventure:

  • Ramble Co: For the modern explorer - considered goods designed to get more people outside…
  • Rattle Ghyll, Ambleside: Local deli home to fine food, home cooked goodness to takeaway, along with a shop bursting at the seams with locally and ethically sourced foods
  • Fjällräven: Born in Sweden where mountains and forest meet the sea, this stylish, sustainable outdoor clothing and accessory company is committed to making nature more accessible. Shop their contemporary range online or at local stockists right on our doorstep in Grasmere and Ambleside.
  • Lakes Distillery, Keswick: Luxury Whisky, Gin and Vodka inspired by the local landscape and carefully crafted here in the Lake District
  • Another Weigh: Unique zero waste shopping stores based in Kendal and Penrith. The perfect spot for those adventure supplies!
  • Pure Lakes: Award-winning, 100% natural skincare that nourishes, soothes, and replenishes your skin. All lovingly created in the heart of the Lake District.

Image Credit Left To Right: Fjällräven | Lakes Distillery | Pure Lakes



The demands of our modern lives can be hectic – our responsibilities, families, careers, combined with our mobile devices often lead us to be on the go from dawn ‘til dusk. That’s why in 2022, it’s more important than ever to focus on slower living, particularly during our travel plans. Slow down during your escape, leave the clock watching and busy schedule behind and make time to take in your surroundings. Think spellbinding views, tranquil sounds, fresh smells, feeling the wind amongst the trees and the sound of the water lapping at the shore.

Perhaps add a dose of relaxation, with soothing Spa treatments here at The Daffodil. Spend a quiet moment on the lake, rise early to see the sunrise over the mountains or perhaps dip your toes into the icy cool, clear waters high in the fells on a day of exploring! Maybe take a day to get lost – take the back roads and discover new places? It’s often the little things that create a true sense of wanderlust…

What special moments of wanderlust will you include into your adventures in 2022?

Image Credit Left To Right: Unsplash | @houghton3003 | Pure Lakes



Adventures and wanderlust are all about fun – stepping out into a new place, trying new things and sometimes, pushing boundaries. If you’re looking to add something ‘extra’ into your travel plans in 2022, why not consider including a new and unique experience? Here in the Lake District, there are endless choices of adrenaline filled adventure days, from off-roading over the craggy, rocky outcrops of the Lakeland fells, to ghyll scrambling and scaling great gorges, diving days and open water swimming in our tranquil lakes or even braving the dizzy heights of Via Ferrata! Swap the car for a bike to explore Cumbria’s beautiful country lanes or mountain trails, discover great hidden waterfalls and fairy pools for a midday dip or soak up the view from your paddleboard! The possibilities are endless…

Whether it’s something local here in the UK or a mind-blowing bungee jump from a bridge somewhere exotic, consider adding a deeper level of experience and pushing yourself with your adventures this year, to gain more inspiring memories and moments of wanderlust!

 Image Credit Left To Right: @scotty.stephenson | Kankku | Unsplash



All adventures have to end – but our memories live forever! A growing trend, and one of our top tips in 2022 is to journal or scrapbook your trip. These personal books can include all sorts of little trinkets and special moments from your adventure including doodles, diary entries, findings, stories, photos, a precious stone or pretty leaf. Keep hold of your receipts and tickets and try taking an instant print camera with you for a vintage style snap of that beautiful sunset or that stylish cocktail! Most of all, take time to reflect. Maybe you picked up a post card or local treats such as chutneys or art prints? Collecting little treasures along the way and collating them in your own, creative manner is a very therapeutic process – and enables you to revisit your adventures in a unique way that no scroll through Instagram ever could!

There are some useful tips here for keeping a travel journal, whilst Forbes have created a great guide on the benefits of journaling for the year ahead. With so many stylish journals and scrapbooks available to buy for your next adventure, it can be hard to know where to start… so we’ve highlighted some of our favourite shops for you below:

  • Papier: an emporium of eclectic designs, curated for you to make wondrously your own!
  • Paperchase: iconic British brand with a global presence creating stylish, sustainable stationery
  • Anthropologie: simply beautiful boho, chic and elegant journals for your travel plans
  • Etsy: if you’re looking for bespoke or personalised journals, this one’s for you!

Image Credit Left To Right: Unsplash | Cynthia Magana | Anthropologie

Ready for more wanderlust? Have your very own luxury 2022 adventure here in the Lake District and share your adventures with us @daffodilhotelHappy travels!

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