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Essential Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games

4th September 2017

Planning a hen party or bridal shower? There’s a lot of responsibility to ensure that everyone, especially the bride-to-be, has an unforgettable experience (no pressure!).

While it’s never recommended to go overboard with scheduling for a party, when you bring a big group together for such a special occasion it’s definitely a good idea to have a few icebreakers and mood setters up your sleeve to keep everyone in the mood for fun.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a handy guide to a series of activities and gifts guaranteed to keep you all entertained throughout the festivities. These suggestions will really get the party going and make the event different from your average night our or weekend away.

Ranging from singalongs to charades and beyond, these ideas will see you collaborating, competing and, most importantly, making memories.

Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games


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