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The Lake District

Top 5 Places to Visit in Winter

21st November 2019

Are you looking for a winter break to remember this year? Well we might just have the answers for you...


Copenhagen | Denmark

Left to right: Image by VisitCopenhagen and Beautiful Copenhagen 

Think fairy tales and frost for this first destination in Denmark. Copenhagen thrives in the winter months and really comes alive when the snow starts to fall. Whether you visit near Christmas for the festive markets or in February for the Jazz festival, there is always something to keep you busy.

It really lives past its expectations of just being an ‘instagrammable’ scene and presents all visitors with something to see. With endless canals to explore, colourful tall thin houses to admire and lots of quaint quirky shops to spend all your pocket money, there is just enough to entertain yourselves but not too much that you seem to rush around it all.

Choose Copenhagen to be fashionable, to be lazy, to go on long walks or to just indulge in good food and drinks. Whatever age, culture or background you come from, your winter break here will be out of this world.

Reykjavik | Iceland

Left to right: Image by Reykjavik.com and Guide To Iceland

The days might be dark and gloomy but your time here will be far from that. Visit Iceland for a chance to see the Northern Lights, explore Christmas abroad, check out the Perlan Museum and explore the various food festivals that take part all year round.

Not to forget, the infamous Blue Lagoon hotspot that is famous with tourists all over the world, all throughout the year. Picture yourself sitting back and soaking in the warm thermal pools as the snow falls around you and you will really not want to leave.

Head over to Iceland in February for the Winter Light Festival to see a wide range of art, history, culture and soak up all the entertainment it has to offer. Explore the city in the bright lights and get a new take on their version of winter.

Edinburgh | Scotland

Left to right: Image by The Culture Trip and Visit Scotland

There is so much to do in Edinburgh all year round but in winter it really comes alive. As one of the UK’s favourite cities for both tourists and locals, there is endless amounts of culture and beauty to take in during the winter.

The Christmas markets are a real hit where you can enjoy various traditional foods, take part in fairground style games and even take a ride on some fairground rides. If you dare, head over to the big Ferris wheel and the star flyer to get a real bird’s eye view of the city and the magic it beholds.

If that isn’t enough for you, then the castle is a definite hot spot on the bucket list. As a major attraction in the city for all visitors, you really won’t want to miss out on viewing this stunning historic monument during your time there. Sitting on top of an extinct volcano right in the centre of the city, the castle is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited structures in the UK.

Of course if history isn’t for you there is an abundance of shops and restaurants to get to the heart of all that Scotland has to offer. Think warm haggis with a mulled wine and you can’t get much more Scottish than that!

Budapest | Hungary

Left to right: Image by CNN Travel and Daily News Hungary

Budapest is real hit with tourists all year round and not many think to head there during the colder winter months. However, with all that the lovely city has to offer, we couldn’t miss it out of our top 5 places to visit this winter.

The cosy winter atmosphere oozes out of Budapest and it is very much in the fairy tale land that Copenhagen is but with an added extra twist to make it stand out. Being rich in culture and tradition wherever you turn, there is something to excite every traveller.

The City Park Ice Rink is something that will really blow your mind as it is by far one of the most famous skating destinations to visit in the whole of Europe and it is one of the oldest still open. The rink is literally right in front of the Castle and is popular for tourists and even Olympic skaters during November to February.

It wouldn’t be a visit to Budapest without a trip to the spas and thermal baths and here at The Daffodil, of course we love a good spa visit. The city is known to others as the ‘City of Spas’ and with more than 100 natural thermal springs in the area, you can sit back and relax wherever you want! There is an endless list of thermal spas to enjoy and whether you are going for the medicinal purposes, to relax or just to get a good picture for Instagram, they will surely not disappoint.

Lake District | England

Of course, we couldn’t forget The Lake District in our top 5 places to visit in the winter and we might even be biased to say this should be number 1!

If you love the outdoors, adore traditional roaring log fires and want nothing more to explore nature at its finest, then this is the place for you. There are so many desirable spots to take a peek at in this area that you may need more time than a long weekend to really explore it all.

Go high into the mountains and rolling hills for expansive landscape views and you might even bump into a local resident sheep or two. Of course you must visit a lake at some point during your trip and maybe even venture out onto a boat ride. While walking around, keep your eyes open for roe deer around the shores of Grasmere and of course, take a visit to The Daffodil Hotel and Spa, the 4 star luxury experience you need this winter.

Take in the best of English cuisine, stretch your legs on a brisk winter walk and then come back to soak in our thermal pool, sauna and spa and end the day in your extra-large comfy bed, what is not to love?

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