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Top Wedding Trends 2021 | A Touch Of Style For Your Big Day

21st January 2021

After the rollercoaster ride of 2020 many of you may be feeling a little uninspired or even lost in your wedding plans. But no more… we’ve pulled together some of our favourite tricks, tips and ideas to re-ignite your excitement and help create a truly unique wedding day in these changing times. Whether you’re newly engaged (congratulations!) or one of the many couples out there that have been forced to rethink your big day, grab a cuppa and a pen as we explore some of the best wedding trends of the year…


We’re all too familiar with the range of restrictions the pandemic has placed on our lives and of course, couples planning their big day are no strangers to this. As the situation calls for us to spend less time in close proximity to others, couples are taking this restriction as a moment of opportunity – scaling back from large scale weddings to much more intimate and personal wedding experiences. From elopements just for two, intimate ethereal ceremonies in the wilds of the Lake District and cosy family affairs with their very nearest and dearest, we’ve been truly inspired by some of the ways couples have used the current limit on numbers to focus on quality, not quantity and the true meaning of marriage. Here at The Daffodil, we offer the chance to combine the stunning natural beauty of the Lakes with true style and luxury for and Intimate Wedding to remember.

Image Credit Left To Right: Hitched, The Daffodil Hotel & Spa & Pinterest


We all know that weddings cause waste and can be harmful to the environment – from extensive travel to reach venues, to importing supplies and a large amount of food waste. But creating your dream day can be much greener with a few simple tweaks. We’re seeing more couples buying British than ever before, sourcing gorgeous wedding supplies from local independents such as salons, dressmakers, florists, cake suppliers and more. This stretches to online too, with a wealth of digital wedding resources (including Etsy and Not On The High Street) for truly unique handmade dresses, jewellery, decorations and keepsakes. As the pandemic places more hurdles in the path to planning your big day, many of you are also considering being married at local venues. Churches, village halls, barns, cottages, farms, woodlands, youth hostels and of course, gorgeous hotels like The Daffodil - all within easy reach of your homes. One of our favourite growing approaches to eco wedding planning is marking the moment in sustainable ways. Think planting trees, spreading wildflower seeds instead of confetti, sourcing biodegradable décor and recycled gifts for guests such as eco soap bars and flower bombs. There are so many ways to add a magical touch to your special day whilst thinking of the environment and supporting your local economy.


2020 was a difficult year for people across the globe. Here in the UK, thousands of you were forced to delay and even cancel your big day. That’s enough to take much of the shine out of wedding planning. But despite the many challenges of the pandemic, one uplifting and heart-warming trend has shone through - acts of kindness. As a nod to some of the truly inspiring moments of this growing trend, more and more couples are finding ways to introduce little acts of kindness and displays of gratitude into their special day. From trendy homemade ‘thank you’ biscuits and personalised friendship bracelets for your bridal party, to handwritten cards and mindful activities for your little guests, there’s a whole host of creative and kind acts you can add to bring an even deeper, more personal meaning to your wedding day.

Image Credit Left To Right: Pinterest, Etsy & Hitched


Our eventful ride through 2020 has left many of us taking more time to soak up the moment and truly enjoy the experiences we have. It’s only once we’re forced apart that we begin to really see the importance of connecting with others and taking time to reflect. In 2021, more couples are focusing on this, particularly when it comes to wedding entertainment and looking after guests. From swapping up paid bars to personalised cocktail making or sourcing more immersive entertainment such as tarot readers, story tellers and comedians over generic wedding bands. Palm and tarot readers have boomed in popularity in recent years for weddings, as well as street artists creating guest portraits, petting zoos (did someone say llamas?), acrobats, fire dancers, roaming musicians and more.


Many Brides are using their 2021 weddings to go all out in the beauty department. After months spent in our loungewear with messy buns and endless Zoom meetings, what better moment than your wedding day to splash out on super glam hair and beauty? But of course, we’re all about style here at The Daffodil, so we’ve taken some of our favourite 2021 wedding hair and makeup snapshots for you to explore… From mystical smoky eyes and deep matt lips to intricate, personalised veils and flawless bridal waves. Think the elegance of the Duchess of Cambridge meets Hollywood Glam and you’re there!

Image Credit Left To Right: The KnotHitched & Pinterest


With so many of us forced to spend more time than ever indoors, many people are taking the time to focus on wellbeing and healthier eating habits. This same mindset is already a growing trend for 2021 weddings. More couples are opting for locally sourced, healthier options for their wedding breakfasts. There’s also a growing trend for vegetarian and vegan wedding menus as couples try to do their bit for climate change with their wedding planning. And this doesn’t stop at food… from recycled, wooden cutlery to bamboo plates and eco napkins – there’s so many options for delicious, health-conscious weddings menus and greener tables. If you’re looking for some inspiration and alternative ideas, we love these posts from Hitched and Wedding Ideas Mag.


After so many cancelled road trips and escapes, 2021’s bride and grooms have decided enough is enough. We may not be able to travel in the way we’ve become accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring dreamy destinations to us. Enter the new way to style your wedding in 2021! This year couples are bringing their travel dreams to life on home soil through new and creative approaches to wedding styling and planning. Featuring eclectic colour palettes, boho furniture and table settings, unconventional dress codes and charming outdoor ceremonies. From delicate English Country Garden vibes to vibrant Arabic tones, take a look at some of our favourite ideas below…

Image Credit: Pinterest

For endless wedding inspiration all year round, take a look at our collection of wedding ideas over on The Knot.

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