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We're Looking For The UK's Most Romantic Couple! Applications Are Now Open

10th January 2020

Here at the Daffodil Hotel & Spa, we love LOVE. Over the years, we’ve welcomed hundreds of happy couples through our doors for romantic breaks, weekend staycations and some truly breath-taking weddings.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we can’t wait to welcome a whole host of couples who have chosen to celebrate this day of love with us in the Lake District, one of the most romantic places in the UK.

It’s really important to us that our Valentine’s experience is as romantic as it can be, so we are looking for the UK’s most romantic couple to test our luxury Valentine’s getaway and provide us with their feedback. They’ll get paid to enjoy a stay in our hotel, the use of our spa facilities, afternoon tea, and an evening meal in our lakeview restaurant.

If you think this sounds like the perfect way to spend the night with your partner, all you have to do is fill in the form below and tell us what is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you.

Whether your partner is into big romantic gestures, or whether it’s their small yet meaningful actions that show you how much they love you, we want to hear about it.

Entries close on the 29th of January.


  • This is not an offer of full-time employment. You will be invited to enjoy our luxury Valentine’s getaway package and provide us with your feedback.
  • Entries are only open to UK residents aged 18 or over.
  • You may choose from a range of dates from a list provided by our team upon confirmation that you have been chosen. Please note that the stay will not be on Valentine’s Day itself, and must be taken Sunday – Thursday, excluding Bank Holidays before 31st March 2020.
  • The winner will be expected to visit the Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere.
  • You will be paid £100, but will be required to make your own way to the Daffodil Hotel and cover travel expenses yourself.
  • You will also receive a complimentary overnight stay in a Lake View room.
  • This opportunity is for yourself and one additional guest only.
  • If you are unavailable to attend, your prize will be forfeited and offered to another entrant.
  • By submitting your details during the application process you give permission for the Daffodil Hotel to contact you.
  • The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday the 29th of January 2020. Applications submitted after this date will not be counted.
  • The winner of the competition will be announced on Friday the 31st of January 2020.


Caroline Ney 23.01.2020 / 12:02

This would be a lovely treat for me and my husband, we have two children and so romance is kept alive by little gestures such as the one I included in the application. It would be amazing to win this.

Colleen 23.01.2020 / 12:32

We would love to win this. Have 3 children been together for 11 years and have never had a break away for just us too. Good luck everybody.

Keeley 23.01.2020 / 12:13

Good luck everyone xxx

Megan Bassford 23.01.2020 / 12:15

This would be an amazing trip. Since having a child it is hard to make time for eachother with financial constraints of childcare costs and saving for a house also. My partner and I would love this!

Stacey 23.01.2020 / 12:17

This would be an amazing treat for my fiance as hes always treating me xxx

Allannah stevenson 23.01.2020 / 12:31

Hopefully this valentine's break can bring me a whole new different kind of romance 💓

Emily Breaks 23.01.2020 / 12:34

Would love to win. We don’t get much time together with work and looking after our daughter. Would be lovely to spend some time together.

Stephanie 23.01.2020 / 12:39

Me and my partner would love this much needed break, we have never been to this area before but it is on the bucket list!!

Romanii 23.01.2020 / 13:01

This would be an a amazing experience!

Monserrath 23.01.2020 / 13:07

My partner and I would love to win a romantic getaway. We don't get much time to ourselves due to work and our daughter. We have another baby on the way so would be a lovely break from our everyday lives especially before the baby comes in May.

Sam 23.01.2020 / 13:18

What a wonderful special treat for someone. Fingers crossed

Samantha Taylor 23.01.2020 / 14:15

This would be an amazing win. We work hard and have two young kids so a romantic break has never been anything we have been able to manage We have been together 11 years married for 1. A chance to enjoy each other's company would be amazing

Tom 23.01.2020 / 16:17

This would be a lovely trip back to near where I was born (Penrith) not been back since we left when I was 2. 36 years ago. My partner would love it there

lee 23.01.2020 / 16:42

would love to win this. we have never had a break away together so would really be good.

Hayley 23.01.2020 / 16:44

This would be a lovely and well deserved treat for me and my husband for the first time away from our 4 month old baby

Kerry 23.01.2020 / 16:46

This would be lovely for my husband and I , We've been together for 11yrs and married for 4 yrs of them, We work shifts and we are like ships that pass in the night , so would be perfect location to spend some much earned quality time together.

Tiffany Crawford 23.01.2020 / 16:46

Glenn and I worked together 30 years ago and were friends we even went to each others weddings! Our lives drifted on but we always remained friends, However five years ago we became a couple amd we both decided we needed a break away so booked our first ever cold holiday! We went to Finland and enjoyed snowmobiles and husky rides all of which we fantastic, but on the last night Glenn had booked us into a igloo which actually turned out to be an ice hotel, we were allowed to pick our own room all with different coloured lighting, I chose the red room with flowers carved into the snow walls, little did I know!! In the lounge there were ice cravings everywhere and Glenn poured me a mug of hot Berry juice he ushered me over to a huge carving of cupid, with a rose he had been given by the hotel earlier that evening (I had no idea) he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife!! It was minus 32 degrees outside and the rose had frozen but when we got back to our room Glenn had snapped the petals off and s attered them on our bed, as we snuggled into our sleeping bags our love kept us warm that night, we are now getting married in Sept 2020 and can't wait for our very intimate wedding just ten of us in a cosy country hotel hopefully with a log fire!! What started out as a trip of a lifetime became so much more as it was a holiday we will never forget and Glenn's romantic proposal and the little details he went to to make it perfect made it a memory to treasure forever xx

Natalie Crompton 23.01.2020 / 16:57

Having met almost 12 years ago and just had our little girl Isabella quality time can be hard to prioritise now. We are still madly in love and would love the opportunity to have some much need relaxing and time together xxx

Lorraine 23.01.2020 / 17:07

35 years 5 weeks 5 days still in love and both still love romamce

Simon 23.01.2020 / 17:10

Spending a romantic night away with ones wife expenses paid in the lake district is special any day of the year

Michaela Otto 23.01.2020 / 17:24

This would be such a treat . We have not been away together for many years . Due to work commitments, children and basically just every day life .

Tania Jackson 23.01.2020 / 17:29

I would love to win this for me and my new husband of 5 months. Since we have got married we have both been very busy at work and would love a night away to recuperate. We recently got married in santorini after having been together for 12 years and this our 13th year together.

Paul Cowley 23.01.2020 / 17:35

This would be a lovely surprise for my wife. She has forgiven lots of things and deserves a romantic break

Sophie 23.01.2020 / 17:39

Yes please will be perfect for us both we met on valatines day 5years ago will be perfect to celebrate

Sam Barnes 23.01.2020 / 17:49

We would absolutely love to stay here, heard so many good things about the hotel, especially the food. Fingers crossed.

Jemma Fagan 23.01.2020 / 17:50

Would love to win this for me and my husband, we don't often get to have a date night so this would be amazing to win.

Samantha Williams 23.01.2020 / 18:02

This would be amazing ❤️

Claire palmer 23.01.2020 / 18:21

Would be great to relax with the other half as for the last 6 month's it's been all doctor's & hospital stays due to been diagnosed with skin cancer 😕. Had to cancel New York at Christmas too as not allowed to fly 🥺.

Kim mills 23.01.2020 / 18:37

I have applied I would like to thank my partner of 4 years for taking me to Lapland and to show him how appreciative I am of him

Amy scullion 23.01.2020 / 19:17

This would be the perfect pre wedding get away for me and my partner. We are new parents and don’t get a chance to have a night away

Zoe 23.01.2020 / 19:53

Would be a well deserved break as we’ve just had our first child x

Tricia 23.01.2020 / 20:08

Need time to ourselves with kids and grandchildren dogs and work hard to get the ME TIME we need

Caroline Regan 23.01.2020 / 21:41

This would be a lovely experiance. It is coming up to my husbands birthday and our 8 year wedding anniversary ❤🥂🍾 xxx

Amy 23.01.2020 / 22:45

Would be nice to have an evening away. Partner runs his own business whilst I work full time and rarely get to do anything

Louisa Burns 23.01.2020 / 22:49

This would be just perfect for us. we love Grasmere and visit often and always admire your grand hotel overlooking the lake. The views are majestic!

Marie Warren 23.01.2020 / 22:59

Would love to have the opportunity to stay at your hotel and give our constructive feedback.

Lucy Purnell 23.01.2020 / 23:18

We love the lake district, we can't get enough of it

Adele 24.01.2020 / 00:10

Would love to spend quality time with my husband. Always busy working and looking after everyone else. We have a grandson now as well so he keeps us on our toes. Would be nice to re kindle the love x

Vicky 24.01.2020 / 00:42

This would be a lovely getaway as we celebrate my 40th birthday and 9 years of being happily married

Zoe 24.01.2020 / 01:28

Would love to try this! It’s my partners birthday on Valentine’s Day so would be a nice treat for us both

Dawn Draper 24.01.2020 / 01:58

He simply just makes me feel loved and accepted even for all my little faults, as I do him. He works away a lot whilst I take care of our children and make our house a home, the spark is always there we are a great team. We dont often get time to just relax together, this would be a perfect chance to do just that. It sounds super dooper amazing. We both love praising and giving credit and compliments where they are due, so would both jump at the opportunity to rave about the experience you are kindly offering. Regards, dawn. Xx

Emma Casey 24.01.2020 / 02:00

We would love to win this as our last go of ivf failed do something like this would be lovely to cheer us both up

Daniel Taylor 24.01.2020 / 02:07

Me and my partner would love to win this we've not been able to afford a break away

Kerry 24.01.2020 / 02:50

Me and my husband would love this . As we don’t get away much with 5 kids and one with adhd so would love a night away with my true love and best friend it would be a night to remember x

Jade 24.01.2020 / 05:40

My partner works long hours weekends and has very little time off and we would love to celebrate my 30th on march the 31 in style.

Hayley 24.01.2020 / 06:13

We would love to win this! We have 3 children and work full time. Sometimes i think we forget US time. It would be amazing to experience this together and to appreciate our love for one another

Vanessa 24.01.2020 / 06:31

This would be an amazing opportunity! I have seen friends of friends go to the daffodil hotel on Instagram and would love to experience it myself with my partner!

patricia 24.01.2020 / 06:37

Woken up in the middle of night to see rose pedals everywhere and candles and be given an envelope with a love letter and a trip to paris same day-leaving in 4 hours. That was our 5th anniversary.

Valerie Carmichael 24.01.2020 / 07:29

This would be a perfect way to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary and 40 years of being together.

Louanne king 24.01.2020 / 07:36

This would be a lovely break from the kids as we don’t get it often.

Sophie Jack 24.01.2020 / 07:47

My husband was widowed at 45 and I supported him through his bereavement and we eventually fell in love. He sadly had a stroke last year although I managed to get him to hospital within an hour and he is making a good recovery but He is now supporting me through bowel disease while I write this from my hospital Bed - we would be most grateful for a break.

Jessica clough 24.01.2020 / 07:52

We would absolutely love this! We spent our first date walking around the Lakes- so this would be a lovely setting to revisit!

Amanda 24.01.2020 / 08:04

This would be a refreshing change for us as a couple rather than mum and dad. It's just the right time for us to have some relaxing time to be us again. The children even came on our honeymoon.

Rhea 24.01.2020 / 08:14

My partner moved to the lake District for a better job so we could afford our own home when we discovered I was pregnant. I only get to see him 2 days a week and it would be lovely to come up and surprise him with a night away.

Jackie 24.01.2020 / 08:28

As it is out 10year anniversary it will be a lovely treat for us both to enjoy away from the kids

Amy 24.01.2020 / 08:33

This would be an amazing break for us as working in the hospital both of us is very tiring and often not much quality time together.

Debby hayward 24.01.2020 / 08:33

It would be a lovely break for my husband and i. We have had a very hard time of late. My brother inlaw took his own life a few months ago and it has been none stop with different things since. It is so beautiful there and it would a relaxing time in a beautiful hotel. Good luck everyone.

Gemma 24.01.2020 / 08:40

Thus would be amazing as we both turn 40 this year and haven’t been away for a night on our own since having both children. Three years plus. Couple time is very limited. 🤩🤞🏻🤞🏻 It sounds amazing! Xxx

Edith 24.01.2020 / 08:58

We met through work over 25 years ago but both of us were in other relationships. We met by accident at the vegetable stand in asda about 9 years ago and just went for a coffee. We didn't become a couple for about a year then when he did ask me to marry him he did it in front of my eldest daughter and my granddaughter. He had a huge bouquet of roses and got down on one knee. He took my breath away and as we are an older couple I found it very romantic

Beverley 24.01.2020 / 09:04

This would be a great break as my husband broke his hip & leg 2 weeks before Xmas.

Lauren Coackley 24.01.2020 / 09:36

This would be amazing for ke and my partner. We haven't been away just the two of us for over five years! As a family we visit grasmere twice a year mainly for the gingerbread! But it's such a beautiful place and one we will always return to.

Helen Reynolds 24.01.2020 / 09:56

Me and my partner would love to spend some time child and pet free 🤞🏻

Laura 24.01.2020 / 11:02

Such a fantastic competition. My boyfriend and I are currently saving for our first house so won’t be going away any time soon. He works so hard to be able to treat me so much that being able to give back would be amazing.

Eilidh Duncan 24.01.2020 / 11:13

It’s our 3 year anniversary this week, what a lovely surprise this would be as working on the farm we don’t have much time to get romantic getaways.

Amy 24.01.2020 / 12:33

We havnt had a good nights sleep since our daughter was born 18 months ago! Please let us re-discover our pre baby selves! 😆💕

Kerri Barnwell 24.01.2020 / 12:56

My partner always does a million things to make me feel good, we have been together a year and a half. He has supported me thoroughly this year whilst I took on a carer role whilst juggling my degree as a mental health nurse. He always makes me feel a million dollars and like I'm cherished, when we got together he had bought me a cake congratulating me on a job I had got and handed me a card with a long verse of his feelings towards me and how strong he felt we were after a lot of sad time around us and made me read till the very end where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Christmas was also magical amongst my other presents he knew how badly I love the film the bodyguard and as my last present handed me a card with a picture if whitney Houston and Kevin Costner on the front where inside he had put tickets in to see the musical.

Sarah lockwood 24.01.2020 / 13:04

Me and my boyfriend have been together 5 years on the 25th march this year but we started out as friends when we met each other at college in 2009. We flirted for years then ended up going on a date and haven't looked back since. This would be lovely as my boyfriend LOVES the lake district and he always works away now so would be a lovely treat to spend some quality time away 😊

Nicola 24.01.2020 / 13:06

I would really love to have the opportunity to visit this gorgeous hotel with my partner after a hard few years. Good luck everyone!

Cheri Bland 24.01.2020 / 13:25

Would love to win this for myself and my husband, we married in July and will be celebrating our first valentines and first anniversary this year 💕

Amanda Anderson 24.01.2020 / 13:53

My husband would love this prize as being from different countries we are constantly being pulled apart and have to spend large periods of time away from each other.

Nicola Dean 24.01.2020 / 15:58

I would love to win this as I am recovering from a hysterectomy and also to say thank you to my husband for looking after me ❤️❤️❤️

Amy 24.01.2020 / 16:23

This would be amazing for us. As my partner has been in and out of hospital. Being in pain all the time. And we’ve both had a pretty stressful time with families. So it would be really nice to be able and sit bad and relax with just us two. Not running around for everyone else. And be like we used to be when it was just the two of us. This is amazing! And whoever wins it is very lucky!

jane renshaw 24.01.2020 / 17:16

would love this night away dont get a night off often due to kiddies

Leonie 24.01.2020 / 18:29

Fingers crossed ❤🤞🤞🤞

Hannah 24.01.2020 / 19:16

Would love to mine this what a lovely prize

Adam 24.01.2020 / 19:46

This would be an amazing treat, we like to get away as often as possible but money is tight this year, we always leave reviews on previous hotels and it would be a pleasure to review yours x

Tessa gray 24.01.2020 / 19:58

This would be amazing,myself and husband have 4 children and very little time together alone due to one of our children being autistic.. He needs us more than we need time alone (hard but true) family is everything to us! 🥰

Emily 24.01.2020 / 22:18

This would be amazing, not planning anything for valentine's this year after buying our first home and saving for us to have the wedding of our dreams, would be such a nice treat, especially around our anniversary too! X

James Williams 25.01.2020 / 00:05

This would be perfect for us as we adore the lake district, good luck to everyone who enters the competition

Marcus 25.01.2020 / 08:10

This would be amazing to spend one night together stress free and would be the 2nd time we would of stay away since we been together. As well spending time together we can take in the sights

Lesley-Anne Warrilow 25.01.2020 / 08:33

Me and my partner would love to win this once in a life time prize as we have a very busy life style 5 children leaves not a lot of time for just us, my partner works very hard to provide for our family, we never have much look and would love this lovely opportunity to spend a night off from our family home and enjoy time together <3

Jennifer Ashton 25.01.2020 / 10:52

Lovely prize at what looks like a beautiful hotel Fingers crossed

Kerry Arno 25.01.2020 / 11:00

Would love to win this. Me and my husband never spend time alone together. Are children are alot older now so would be really nice to have this night away. We have been through some really tough times and have stayed strong and still very much in love. 17 years together and married for 8 years. Goodluck everyone x

Arhlene 25.01.2020 / 11:19

This would be an amazing experience as this year we have a lot different occasions We are both 50 this year & it is our 30 th wedding anniversary We love to go on many weekends away & leave reviews So this would be another Hotel to add to the list 👌

Lisa Webster 25.01.2020 / 12:28

This would be a fabulous treat for myself and my partner after a recent heath scare these last few months x

Lynn 25.01.2020 / 13:03

Would be lovely to win this as we get married in February exactly 25years to the day of our first ever date

Vanessa Marshall 25.01.2020 / 15:32

The lake district is my most favourite place in England and ideal for a romantic getaway.

Ciara postlethwaite 25.01.2020 / 17:46

This would be an amazing way for me to say thank you to my lovely husband for supporting me and nursing me over the past few years. We don't get the opportunity to spend a lot of time alone, so this would be perfect for us.

Craig 25.01.2020 / 18:25

Me and my wife have an autistic son meaning we do not get any time to ourselfs do to the constant care he needs, this would be amazing for us to have some time for ourselfs

GARRY 25.01.2020 / 18:53

This would be amazing to win and the Lake District is so beautiful.

Ellie 25.01.2020 / 19:46

This would be absolutely perfect for myself and my partner and a great way to celebrate 10 years together ❤️ A whole decade!

Danielle 25.01.2020 / 21:09

An amazing giveaway, would love to spend the first night away after having our beautiful daughter in such a wonderful place. 💕

Adam thomas 25.01.2020 / 21:54

I would love to win this, my perfect partner, Sarah deserves the world and this would be a great way to show that with perfection all around, she’s the backbone of our family and the glue that keeps us all together!!

Donna 25.01.2020 / 23:17

This would be the perfect gift to my husband he works awag and works so hard for us all. We have been together 10 years, married for 2, two children, no honeymoon and never had a night away together.

Sharon Grieve 26.01.2020 / 00:07

Would love to give my partner a lovely break as he is so thoughtful

Laura Dougherty 26.01.2020 / 08:05

Whilst on our first family holiday in Chania Greece in 2017 he proposed. This was a complete surprise as we decided many years ago marriage wasn't something we needed. My husband had changed his mind however and felt it was important to have the family name and make us 'official'. He distracted our two boys aged 6 and 1 at the time with a couple of toys and suggested we took a break from our walk around the old town. He sat in the famous chania wall and said the boys have their presents would mum like hers. I honestly thought he'd bought me a joke magnet or tea towel from the shop haha. But no he took out the box from his pocket and asked me to marry him. I was thrilled and stunned. We married in August last year and just before Christmas found out we are expecting baby number 3. We would love this romantic getaway for some couple time before our new arrival joins us.

Malcolm fowler 26.01.2020 / 08:55

My wife is everything to me. This trip would mark our 12th anniversary. Fingers crossed.

Tracey Jones 26.01.2020 / 09:38

We'd been together a couple of months when Valentines arrived, I'd been ill and lost my voice and had not been out for a week, so he came round with a dozen red roses, a teddy bear and chocolates and had a fabulous meal with candles. What made this even more special is that he has a low-income job, doesn't have much money and is a single Dad but still wanted to make sure our first Valentines was special..... and it was. He might not be able to do grand gestures but he has a grand heart and I'd love to be able to go away with him to a fabulous part of the country which I've not really had a chance to explore despite being relatively close. This would make our year. x Oh and it's my 50th this year

Kerry Elson 26.01.2020 / 12:40

We’ve all be lucky enough to find the one we’ve all wished for. There’ll be no losers in this competition. Whoever is that little extra lucky will have a lovely time x

Charlotte 26.01.2020 / 13:35

Would love to win this. Got married july 2019 and not been on honeymoon and now expecting our first child

Janis Sedgewick 26.01.2020 / 17:06

This would be an amazing place to spend celebrate our 10th anniversary of meeting... he may even propose!!! 🤞🤞🤞

Christine 26.01.2020 / 18:36

Me and Steven would love this we live 70 miles apart and only see each other twice a week. We met over 20+ Years ago and have been seeing each other long distance for 8. It would be so nice for time together as I have been off my feet since November after having a operation on my foot. So Steven has had to do all the running back and forwards as well as working 6/7 days a week. Just be so nice... good luck everyone 💖

Steven 26.01.2020 / 18:46

I would love to win this coz I can not afford much this valentines for Christine and she does everything for me shows me so much love I can’t get use to how someone can care and love me so much when I can’t give nothing back so I think this would be lovely for a treat for her to show I do care and do appreciate everything she does for me... thank you for a chance in trying fingers crossed

Stacey 26.01.2020 / 19:40

There's all different kinds of Romantic. My partner is not a normal romantic. He is someone that will care for me when my condition has taken a turn for the worse,Or seen my favourite chocolate and bought it for me for no reason. We have been together for 17 years and have 2 beautiful kids. Good luck everyone

Helen smith 26.01.2020 / 19:58

This would be the most wonderful treat ever for us and would give us some much needed quality time together :)

Andrew 26.01.2020 / 20:25

Would love this as me and my parter don’t get out as will kids as past the last 8 years could do much hard to get away

Sara 26.01.2020 / 22:31

Would absolutely LOVE to win this.. it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary this year, and after a really rubbish 2019 we could do with a night away... just the two of us! Good luck everybody x

Kristie 26.01.2020 / 22:51

How beautiful it is to read all these comments filled with love and gratitude. My partner has been my best friend for 5 years, we met at my 2nd AA meeting and told me everything was going to be ok and he has never failed those words. We are both 5 years sober and cherish our friendship and each other. He always makes feel loved and to win this break away would be a beautiful way to show him how much I love him and cherish everything he does for me and my family 💞💞

Kirsty Harper 26.01.2020 / 23:19

My partner and I would love to win this competition. As most others have posted we would welcome a child free night in such a stunning location. 💕💕💕💕

Sara 27.01.2020 / 07:26

Would absolutely LOVE to win this.. it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary this year, and after a really rubbish 2019 we could do with a night away... just the two of us! Good luck everybody x

Tracey Smith 27.01.2020 / 08:51

This would be the perfect way to say thank you to my partner for everything he has done for me whilst I recover from meningitis, he has been my rock

Jo 27.01.2020 / 11:38

My husband and i have 10 children 6 grandchildren and very rarely get a break a night away with no children just us would be amazing . Weve been together 11yrs this year so it would be amazing

Tracey Watkinson 27.01.2020 / 16:18

I would love to have this opportunity to take my husband away, aside from his surprisingly romantic proposal 5 yrs ago, the fact we have 10 children and 7 grandchildren between us and both work tirelessly for Yorkshire Ambulance service. I wouldn't have got through the last few months without him. My father was tragically killed in October and my husband has been my absolute Rock. ❤️💙I cannot think of a nicer way to thank him

Natalie Hodgson 27.01.2020 / 16:25

My husband of 24 years has looked after me after a rough few years after an operation went wrong. He kept me going with daft little treats from my favourite coffee to a little iPad so I could watch football in hospital. He’s my rock & I think he deserves a treat.

Armanda Barsyte 27.01.2020 / 20:53

This trip would be the perfect gift for our 5 year anniversary coming up at the start of February!

Annie 27.01.2020 / 21:57

This really would be a lovely surprise for my husband. Not had a great start to the year after his father passed away just after new year. Its our 25th wedding anniversary, after meeting at high school :)

Linda Bolton 27.01.2020 / 22:02

I have been with partner for two and a half years, we don't seem to have holidays just the two of us, he has his children every other weekend and works the time he doesn't have them, we had a weekend away but his children came with us. When I went out about 8-9 years we use to see each other in a bar, and he use to watch me, but he never spoke to me, the bar eventually shut, he eventually smiled but that was it,. We saw each other a few times in the pubs where we live, but he knew my friend and got in touch with her and asked about me, she told him to buy me a drink to chat me up. We went out the day after and been together since.

rebecca pearmaine 27.01.2020 / 22:06

Remembered that when life isn’t easy, it’s not the expensive, material things that count but knowing that somebody is there. It’s all those hard times and the little things. When he’s working away, he puts the bins out 3 days early so that when I come home late with two kids I don’t have to worry. When I’ve had a bad day at work but am on a diet, it’s the tub of blueberries that are in the fridge. Or ensuring that I get out the door for a run, picking up the slack at home while I’m gone. And finally it’s the bad habits that annoy him but he sometimes lets slide as he knows, today’s been a tough day!

Ellen Adshead 28.01.2020 / 00:10

Would really love to win this. I just hope they think my romantic story is as romantic as I do! We could do with a lovely treat after the last few months we've had

Charlotte Draper 28.01.2020 / 08:36

Would so so love this we have only been married 13 weeks and on our honeymoon my husband has a heart attack on the plane and was airlifted to hospital and spent four days in intensive care so this would make our day

Em 28.01.2020 / 11:29

We did long distance for the first 10 months as I was working away in Qatar. I was restricted to when I could come back. We met in Dubai 2 weeks after I left in the summer we got together and then I can home at Christmas and again in the January. We weren’t going to see each other till May. I thought I was having a stay cation weekend with my friends in Doha Qatar which we did sometimes and when I got to the hotel Jack was in the room and suprised me and has came over for 10 days. Although I was working some of them days it was amazing and really gave me the pick up I needed. Long distance was the hardest thing we ever did, but every day we appreciate our time together. We are now still happy as ever and just before Christmas finally moved into our first home which we had been renovating for the last 5 months. We would be great full for this vacation after spending the last few months on the house. Thanks x

Lauren Davies 28.01.2020 / 11:48

My partner and I have been together for 21 years this year and we are happier now than we ever have been. We recently completed a successful surrogacy for my brother in law and sister in law as sadly she had cervical cancer at 24 years old and the treatment has left her infertile. When my husband and I learnt of this sad fact we offered to carry a child for them using my brother in law sperm and a donor egg. I am thrilled to say we all welcomed a beautiful baby girl on the 21st October 2019 called Aurora! I cannot thank my husband enough for supporting me through this surrogacy journey and love him with all my heart. This would be a great way to say thank you.

Mrs Teresa Moore 28.01.2020 / 14:02

Would love to win this as my husband is still recovering from a double bypass surgery and I care for my mother full time and have had to practically move in with her now and only get to spend weekends with my husband at home so would be a well deserved break for us both xx

Jani Goulden 28.01.2020 / 21:26

I would love to win this amazing gift, me and my husband are both hard working people with a little girl we provide for while we save for our first family home so things like this arnt often a priority for us, it would be amazing for us to spend that one on one time together after 11 years together and nearly 3 married we would definitely make the most of this fab prize if we won 🙏🏻 X

Donna E 28.01.2020 / 22:12

What is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you? When I was 17, my partner was on a training course i was young and inseparable from him, and I stupidly set of 9.30pm from runcorn to travel to Nottingham to spend the night with him. Being a new driver no sat nav no credit on my mobile I got in my car ignored my mothers comments on how crazy I am and set of on the journey, I got completely lost and was heartbroken I managed to drive safely to a hotel ...I ended up in stoke! I rang my boyfriend crying and he set of late at night to come find me so I could follow him back to where he was staying. All for a couple of hours sleep before I had to return home to work. We have been together 18 years this year and are getting married. Child hood sweethearts theres alot of romantic things I could say but hes always got my back and this night proved it. Your hotel looks beautiful thanks for reading my entry. Much love donna x

Helen McCondichie 28.01.2020 / 22:22

Hello I would like to enter the competition you are running to stay at your lovely hotel on Valentine’s Day and provide a review. My husband is very romantic, we have been together 18 years and married 15 years this April. I am 37 and my husband is 42. We have a 6 year old little boy called Archie. I work as a carer and Mark my husband works in a school working with children who need extra support at school. I have a hobby which is collecting sea glass. Earlier this year we were in Seaham in the North East. Seaham has the best sea glass as there used to be a glass factory nearby that dumped all its waste glass in the sea. Over the years the sea has rolled the glass into smooth pebbles. If you are lucky you can find a multicoloured one. My husband was searching with my little boy Archie who is 6. Suddenly I hear Archie yell “wow look at this” I go over to them and see that Archie has found a smooth white piece with a perfect little pink heart shape in the middle. Archie is really excited that he has found this as before we came I told him hearts are really rare. My husband took it for safe keeping. When we get back home to Preston. We have another look at it and my husband said he will put it somewhere safe. At this point I am thinking it will just be lovely to keep especially as my little boy found it. Fast forward to Christmas morning and my little boy gives me a wrapped present with a tag saying “To the best mummy and wife lots of love Archie and Daddy” I open the box to see the sea glass heart set in a beautiful silver ring. My husband had searched for someone who could make a ring using the sea glass. It is my favourite present ever, it’s even more special then my wedding rings as my little boy found it and my husband had it made into a beautiful ring. My husband has been my rock. Five months after we met I had a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I told him if he wanted to leave I would understand. He was fantastic getting me through a really tough time. I had to give up my driving licence and eventually my job. One month after being diagnosed he proposed in the Lake District. He has always supported me and encouraged me to achieve my dreams. I now work in a job I love. We would love to win this prize so we can celebrate Valentine’s Day in your hotel. The Lake District has a very special place in our hearts. We come up 2 or 3 times a year and my husband proposed to me at Tarn Hows. Our first Lake District walk together as a couple was up to Easedale Tarn from Grasmere in January 2003. My husband had been up many times and wanted to take me up to see it. It was covered in snow and ice and we ate chicken sandwiches and a flask of hot fruit tea by the ice covered tarn. Grasmere is a lovely place. We have walked round the lake many times and we love the gingerbread. My husband actually had a painting done with a family playing football on a playing field and asked the artist to base the hills in the background on the fells behind the playing field in Grasmere. When we come up to the lakes we visit that playing field with my little boy and his grandparents and play football together, and have a picnic complete with gingerbread. My little boy is fascinated by the Lion and the Lamb on the top of Helm Crag. We usually come up to the Lake District as a family with my mum and dad as my dad used to live in the Lake District when he was a boy. It would be lovely to be able to have a romantic night away as a couple as your hotel looks amazing. I love it’s called The Daffodil Hotel and Spa as my dad taught me the poem Daffodils by Wordsworth and I have known all four verses off by heart since I was a little girl. Being able to do this and treat my husband would be amazing. Yours faithfully Helen McCondichie

Gary Ormiston 29.01.2020 / 11:35

Dear sir/madam, I'm writing to you in response to your question about romantic gesture, on my wifes 30th birthday I took her out for her tea everything was going fine throughout the evening and I slipped to the toilet but unknown to her I had gone to my car to get her a engagement ring so I walked back in and surprised her and proposed luckily she said yes and now we are happily married after a ceremony in Cyprus, yours faithfully Gary Ormiston

Shannon 29.01.2020 / 22:30

Be lovely night away for my partners 30th and be lovely and relaxing for myself and to celebrate together for becoming first time parents later this year 🌼

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