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The Lake District

What is a Staycation?

29th July 2022

Staycations are becoming an increasingly popular take on the traditional vacation for many people here in the UK. But, what are they and what do they mean for the future of our holidays?

Read on to find out all about staycations and the surprising benefits that holidaying at home can bring.

Staycations explained: What is a staycation?

Simply put, a staycation is a holiday in your home country which offers the opportunity to explore everything your country has to offer, including stunning scenery, boutique eateries and cosy, welcoming hotels.

But, a staycation doesn't always mean staying overnight. It also encompasses time spent at home, but with more days out exploring your local area and trying new things.

There are lots of brilliant benefits to holidaying in your own country. While a beach holiday somewhere hot and tropical might be difficult for some to resist, here in the UK, we are truly spoilt for choice with locations that offer something for everyone!

Admittedly, we might not always have the weather that continental Europe can offer. Still, a day or two spent with family members eating fish and chips by the seaside or a break in the Lake District with your significant other can be just as charming and welcoming as a trip to any other part of the world!

And sometimes, just sometimes, the weather Gods look down on us favourably too.

Before we discuss some of the brilliant advantages of the staycation, let's take a look at the reason behind the meteoric rise in popularity of holidaying at home.

The rise of the staycation: What made them more popular than ever?

The recent global pandemic and resulting 'red lists' - countries that people could not travel to - did a lot to bring the staycation to the forefront.

Almost any foreign travel was banned, and holidaying abroad was most certainly out of the question. With that, people began looking toward spending their free time and well-earned holidays that bit closer to home.

And what a home it is. Living in the UK certainly does come with its perks!

After all, we have some of the best museums in the world, great places to dine, family-friendly activities, award-winning beaches to chill out on, quaint villages like Grasmere to explore, bustling cafes to put your feet up and an unparalleled amount of hotels to while away your days in.

Let's look at some of the benefits of holidaying at home that might just tempt you into a staycation with friends and loved ones this summer!

Why a staycation can be better than abroad


While it's true that holidaying in the UK isn't always the cheapest option, there are some great ways to make it affordable. Look out for hotel deals, consider camping, or stay with a friend or family member to make things cheaper. Here are some very affordable options out there that could help to save money.

What matters is that you do your research regarding your vacation; this way, you'll be able to preplan and seek the most affordable options in your own country.

Less travel

Holidaying in the UK means there's much less travel to be getting on with and, not to mention, no jam-packed airports to contend with (but more on those later...).

There's also a lot of time-saving involved in holidaying at home. For instance, you won't be wasting your precious time by commuting as much as you would if you were travelling abroad.

Don't forget, many airports tend to be located outside the main cities, so travelling to and from airport to hotel can be laborious and time-consuming!

Those that are eco-conscious will be very pleased to know staycations are a great way to help the environment too.

Staying in the UK is certainly better for the ozone layer than taking any aeroplanes, so you can be safe knowing that your carbon footprint is not going to be anywhere near as big as if you were travelling abroad.

No airport chaos

There's no getting around it; airports can be stressful and downright anxiety-inducing. There are the kids to manage, ensuring you get to the airport on time, dozens of departure gates to navigate, and a cramped flight to your destination.

All that traumatic air travel can be avoided with a staycation since there's no travel abroad. Simply jump in the car or catch a train to your destination, and your holiday is ready to go!

No weight restrictions

While we are talking about airports, what’s worse than loading your bags up on the scales at check-in only to discover you've packed one too many books and are now faced with an almighty fee for your overweight baggage.

But, with a staycation, you can simply load up the car with all your holiday attire and no annoying weight limits to contend with, so you can pack whatever you like.

And there won't be one of those pesky little clear bags for liquids in sight!

Save money and help the local economy

Holidaying at home can be a lot cheaper than holidaying abroad - particularly if you book in advance. There are lots of great price comparison websites that will allow you to get a good deal, but it's usually the cheapest to book rooms and suites via the hotel directly.

Not only will you likely be saving money, but you'll also be helping to replenish the hospitality industry in your area after what has been a difficult few years for local businesses.

Bring your pets

Let's face it; a holiday isn't truly a holiday unless it's with the whole family, including your beloved pets. Thankfully, here in the UK, we have thousands upon thousands of locations that will allow you to bring your four-legged friend in tow. 

Some of these places may charge a small fee per night. However, not only is it preferable to bring your pet along than have them stay in an unfamiliar kennel or a cattery, but you also won't have the worry about what they are getting up to or how they are faring without you.

Plus, dogs can join in on the holidays, too. We aren't exactly lacking in amazing landscapes to spend the afternoon exploring here in the UK, something your pup is bound to enjoy doing too.

Ideal for short breaks

If you want to get away but don't have the time, a staycation is perfect for those who only have a small number of free days available to them. Sometimes, many of us will only have the time for a long weekend; this is where a staycation is the perfect idea!

At The Daffodil Hotel & Spa, we offer both short and long breaks where customers can stay as long as they like depending on what stay they are after. Our short breaks in the Lake District are great for a weekend away and give you plenty of time to explore everything the beautiful countryside location has to offer.

Discover a staycation in the Lake District

We hope our guide to what a staycation is has been helpful in allowing you to learn more about holidaying at home as well as the numerous perks of doing so.

Whether it's a city break with friends or a long romantic break in the Lake District with your partner, the UK really does have something for everyone.

And, with no passport in sight!

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