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What to Wear and Take on a Spa Break

24th September 2021

If you’re a first-time visitor to the Daffodil Spa, you may not know what to wear to a spa or what to pack for your spa break in the lake district. Luckily, your packing list will be pretty light. Spa visits are all about relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care, and there’s no need to stress during the spa preparation process.

You’re not required to bring anything for a spa break. But, this guide will help you determine which items would be appropriate to pack based on your treatment choices, the amount of time you spend at the spa, and any personal needs. 

What Should I Take to the Spa?

The duration of your stay will partially determine what to take for a spa break. If you’re only spending a half or a whole day at the spa, and you’re not staying overnight, you won’t need to worry about an extensive packing list. 

What to bring to a spa day should be all about comfort. If you think that a certain clothing item, personal item, or beauty product would enhance your spa experience, bring it! Luckily, many items are complimentary, so you won’t have to worry about providing your own spa essentials. 

Come as you are!

Bring a Bag with Essentials

As always, don’t forget to bring any essential items that you’ll need for a regular day out. Bringing these items with you will ensure that your spa experience is a stress-free escape from reality:

  • Mobile phones
  • Purse or wallet
  • A change of clothes, if needed
  • Essential medications
  • Essential beauty products

A change of clothes isn’t always necessary, especially if you’re only booking a hand or foot treatment. But, if you’d like to wear a different outfit on your way out of the spa than you did on your way in, you’re more than welcome to pack a second ensemble.

You may also want to bring a good book or a personal music player with headphones to enjoy during your visit, especially if you plan to relax in our Tepidarium. Please keep in mind that mobile phones are not permitted anywhere in the spa to ensure the tranquillity of all guests. 

What Should I Do with My Personal Belongings?

Once you’ve determined what to bring for a spa day, you may be wondering what you’ll do with those items when you’re in the thermal pool, sauna, or treatment rooms

When you visit the spa, you won’t need to worry about finding a safe place to leave your bag and other belongings. The spa offers secure lockers for your personal items, ensuring that you’ll be able to pick everything up exactly where you left it when you arrived.

What Clothes Should I Wear to the Spa?

Whether you’re trying to decide what to wear to a spa weekend or what to wear to a spa massage, the answer is simple: whatever makes you comfortable. 

For swims in the thermal pool, a comfortable swimsuit is key. Don’t wear anything too tight or restrictive that could hinder your comfort and relaxation. 

For massages and other full-body treatments, guests will need to remain in their undergarments. Disposable temporary undergarments can be provided if needed, but bringing your own undergarments (again, loose-fitting and comfortable to ensure maximum rejuvenation) is likely the most comfortable choice.

Will I Need to Bring My Own Robe?

While you’re more than welcome to bring your own robe, a complimentary robe and towel are provided in the spa area. If you choose to bring your own robe, choose comfort over aesthetics. Fluffy, soft, indulgent robes are ideal choices for the spa experience. 

While you’ll look and feel like a new person after a visit to our spa, it’s not a beauty contest. Bring a robe that makes you feel comfortable, or use one of ours (you’ll love them, we promise). 

Do Robes Come in Different Sizes?

Yes! We offer robes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all guests with all body types. If you choose to wear a complimentary robe, rest assured that there will be a comfortable, luxurious robe waiting for you the moment you step inside. 

What Should I Wear Under My Robe?

Don’t stress about what to wear under your robe. If you want to wear loose-fitting clothing under your robe, you’re more than welcome. Keep in mind that the spa can get warm, so don’t layer up too much!

If you plan on relaxing in the thermal pool, wear a swimsuit or trunks under your robe. Our thermal pool is not a swimming pool, so you don’t need to dress for swimming laps. Any comfortable suit will do!

If you’ve booked a full-body treatment, like a massage, you can wear only your undergarments under your robe until your treatment begins. 

What Should I Wear on My Feet?

You won’t need to stress about footwear when you come to the spa. While outside shoes aren’t permitted inside the spa area, complimentary slippers are provided for all guests. 

While you’re more than welcome to be barefoot in the thermal pool area, we recommend wearing slippers throughout the rest of the spa area.

Will I Need to Get Naked During My Spa Visit?

You will not need to get naked during your spa visit. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable during your visit, but some treatments will be most comfortable with as little clothing as possible. 

During a massage treatment, guests are required to leave their undergarments on at all times. 

Get Ready for a Well-Deserved Break

The list of what to bring for a spa day should be short. While getting ready for a spa break is exciting, the packing list shouldn’t cause you any stress. 

So, pack your bag, make a reservation, and get ready for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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