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Why the Lake District is the Perfect Location for your Wedding

5th April 2022

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you'll make, and it may be challenging to determine whether a location is a good match for you.

If you're wondering how to choose the perfect wedding venue, read on! We have everything you need to know and some reasons why the Lake District could be the perfect setting for the wedding you've been dreaming of.

How to pick your wedding venue: Key factors to consider

The first stage in wedding planning is to choose your wedding venue. To begin, you should narrow down your wedding location choices.

Indoor or outdoor

When deciding between an indoor or outdoor wedding, it is all about how much control you want. The reality is that an indoor location gives you greater control over your environment, which means you can spend on décor without worrying about the Great British weather upsetting your plans.

But, there are times when indoor wedding venues simply cannot match Mother Nature's majesty and magnificence. From breathtaking forests to exquisite beaches and luxurious gardens, the natural outdoors offers stunning views for your wedding photography.

Venue size

An essential step in securing the best wedding venues is accurately calculating the number of people that will attend.

Take into consideration how much room you'll need for:

  • The top table
  • Enough tables for the number of guests coming
  • The dance floor
  • The band or DJ
  • The dessert table
  • Food stations or a buffet
  • The gift table

Photo opportunities

If you're wondering how to find your wedding venue, you want to be sure you'll have the greatest chance of getting the best wedding photos possible. Naturally, your wedding photographers will do everything possible to make the most of the setting in the photographs.

The photographer's ability to deal with light is one of the most critical factors influencing photography and style. It's challenging to manage light to get a specific look if the environment doesn't cooperate. It's crucial to consider how things will seem at the wedding location throughout the event.

Catering provisions

Wedding caterers understand how demanding weddings can be, so select one with a suggested vendor list to help you with your preparations. A wedding caterer with recommended vendors or a hotel venue that offers catering services may save you time and help you organise your wedding day.

Your budget

If you don't know anybody who owns rustic barns, a marquee, or a country house, this is one expense you won't be able to avoid. You won't be able to marry anywhere you like since rules determine where a marriage may occur in the UK; therefore, you'll have to pay for your wedding venue.

Always select a venue that appeals to you. When you visit, enquire about the inclusions and confirm that what you see on your tour is what you'll get on the big day. If you want to decorate, understand what is not allowed at your venue and ask for a portfolio from past weddings to see how wedding parties before you used the space.

Does the venue team understand your vision?

Understand the difference between a venue and a day-of coordinator.

A venue coordinator must oversee all of the venue's connected services. This usually includes ensuring that the tables and chairs are set up as you agreed, taking care of bathroom refills, dealing with maintenance concerns, and ensuring that the venue's regulations and procedures are followed, among other things.

The day-of coordinator does all of the tasks that a party host would typically handle. They lead all wedding providers, including the venue planner, as a team. They're in charge of making the room look nice and ensuring the day works appropriately.

They interact with all vendors ahead of time to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This is your day's right-hand person, handling all of the behind-the-scenes details so you can concentrate on being married and enjoying your day.

Why the Lake District is the perfect location for your wedding

Unforgettable venues

Lake District weddings provide a variety of ceremony sites, including indoor and outdoor venues and magnificent wedding feast locations. 

Beautiful landscapes

There is no doubt that the Lake District is home to some of the most picturesque country villages. It is a nature lover's delight and a wedding photographer's dream, with a background of valleys, shimmering lakes like Lake Windermere, and an abundance of wildlife not seen in other parts of the country.

With all the natural beauty and fantastic views around you, you can be sure that your wedding photographs will be incredibly romantic and everything will look stunning on your perfect day. What better background could there be than the stunning fells and lakes?

Good transport links

The Lake District offers several opportunities for exploration and transportation.

The following are the best methods to travel to and around the Lake District:

  • Trains to and from the Lake District are available
  • Buses and coaches serve the Lake District and its surrounding areas
  • Tours of the Lake District by minibus
  • Cruises on steamers and launch boats in the Lake District
  • Mountain biking in the Lake District
  • The Lake District is ideal for walking
  • Driving to and through the Lake District is a great way to see the sights

Why choose The Daffodil Hotel for your special day?

The Daffodil Hotel & Spa, located on the shores of Grasmere, focuses on modern elegance, with an experience that changes with the seasons, creating an encounter you'll never forget. We have quickly become one of the very best wedding venues and hotels in the Lake District.

Outdoor and indoor settings

The Daffodil offers indoor and outdoor options perfect for both large or more intimate wedding experiences in the Lake District. With the lake as a stunning backdrop for your wedding and the welcoming rooms & suites to entertain your guests, The Daffodil is the ideal wedding destination for your preferences.

Suitable for different party sizes

The Waterside Suite accommodates up to 250 people, while the Prince of Wales Suite comfortably accommodates 90. It is trendy and modern, and the beauty of this unique wedding venue is that it serves as the ideal blank canvas.

Due to the natural light and neutral background, you may make the wedding as personal as you want by choosing your colour schemes to create the perfect look.

Stunning location

The Daffodil hotel sits by the shores of the waters in picture-perfect Grasmere. Grasmere is well-known for its inspiring charm and beauty. This lovely village has captivated the hearts of couples from all over the globe for many years.

Delicious food

The Daffodil Hotel and Spa does not disappoint when it comes to fine dining. You can have an intimate wedding breakfast for two or a lavish feast for your wedding party on your special day. We also provide afternoon tea with a three-course wedding breakfast while you enjoy views of the lake after tying the knot in your romantic ceremony.

Stylish rooms

Contemporary luxe is an innovative modern design set against a background of natural beauty, perfect for a Lake District wedding. The main rooms, terrace, and premium bedrooms all have views of the lake, bordered by lush green grass. Against a background of breathtaking natural beauty, the Daffodil Hotel offers:

  • Contemporary wedding suites
  • Glamorous bar in the lobby
  • A stylish lakeside patio
  • 78 elegant rooms and suites


How soon in advance should we book our hotel wedding venue?

Consider reserving your wedding venue 12 to 18 months in advance, particularly if you want a Saturday during peak seasons. If you plan on having a winter wedding, you need to book 6-12 months in advance.

Can I choose where my wedding photos take place?

The Daffodil Hotel and Spa is the perfect location for your wedding photos. With manicured gardens and a sparkling lake, you will capture your special day with loved ones forever.

Are Lake District wedding venues expensive?

The ideal times to book a cheap wedding venue are between January and April and October and December; these are considered off-peak wedding seasons, which means that demand for dates is much lower.

Does Grasmere have good transport links?

Windermere is the closest central railway station to Grasmere. From Windermere, trains, taxis, and private vehicles can safely transport you to Grasmere while enjoying the beauty of Windermere lake.

What makes a good wedding venue?

Your preferences will determine your ideal wedding venue. However, a wedding location that includes everything from civil ceremonies to the reception dining facilities may cost more but will leave you with fewer concerns. Lake District weddings have the bonus of stunning surroundings.

Final Thoughts

When planning your perfect wedding, you want to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Having a unique wedding venue is no exception. Magnificent Lake District hotels like The Daffodil Hotel and Spa are at the top of the list if you dream of having a unique wedding venue in beautiful surroundings.

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