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Most Beautiful


With staycations set to be more popular than ever here in the UK, many of us are looking for the most beautiful hotspots to visit before the summer ends, and lucky for us, there’s plenty of beauty and tranquillity to be found.

From the lakes and mountains of the Lake District, to the Devonshire coastline, the UK can be truly dreamy and idyllic, but where exactly are the UK’s most beautiful escapes?

We’ve ranked over 70 of the UK’s most beautiful towns and villages on factors such as number of attractions, beauty spots and mountain ranges, to bring you the ultimate list of picturesque and peaceful places to escape to in 2020 and beyond.

The UK's Top 10 Most Beautiful Escapes

The UK's Most Beautiful Escapes Ranked


Rank Town County Country Instagramability Number of Mountains & Hills Number of Areas of Green Space Number of Beauty Spots Number of Heritage Spots Number of Attractions Overall Score


We took a seed list of the most beautiful towns and villages in the UK from and, and then gathered data on a number of different factors.

Instagramability was taken from the number of photos uploaded using each location’s relevant hashtag on Instagram, the number of attractions, green spaces, and beauty spots were taken from Trip Advisor, and heritage spots in the county and number of mountains and hills in the county were both taken from Wikipedia.

Any towns or villages where we were unable to find complete data were removed before ranking.

We then use a weighted ranking formula to give each location an overall score, where each factor was given equal importance.